Advantages of a Single Tooth Dental Implant

If you miss a single tooth then there are various options to replace it including bridge or an implant and crown. Though fixed dental bridge can be a good and cost effective option for replacing single tooth but it involves adjoining teeth for its support. The dentist has to adjust normal healthy adjoining teeth for this purpose which can deteriorate the jawbone in the long run. For this reason people usually prefer dental implant over bridge even while replacing single tooth. The implant placed into the jawbone working as the root of the missing tooth helps in preserving the jawbone.

Eligible candidates for single tooth implant

People who have missed their single tooth due to traumatic injury, lost their posterior tooth due to advanced dental decay, unsuccessful root canal or anterior tooth did not erupt are recommended to have single tooth dental implant.

Advantages of implant of a single-tooth

Do not harm other teeth: The dental implant of single tooth offers several advantaged over other options available in this regard. Moreover dental implant works like a natural tooth without making any harm to the health of adjoining teeth like in case of fixed dental bridge which require support of the adjacent teeth for the stability of the bridge.

Bone preservation: Dental implant of even single tooth helps in preserving the jawbone as it replaces the natural root of the missing tooth. It keeps the jawbone intact, integrated and healthy. On the contrary dental bridge deteriorates the bone and roots of the adjoining teeth to the missing one.

Easy to clean: Single tooth dental implant is easier to clean than a dental bridge as in the long run the defect becomes obvious in the bridge the gums around it move away from its base. This makes your smile odd and unattractive. Moreover bacteria can develop in the gap created by moving away of the gums or washing away of the cement used in it which can decay the adjoining teeth supporting the bridge.

Implanting a single tooth

· While implanting to replace a single missing tooth a screw like implant is placed into the jawbone. The implant is allowed to create a bond with the bone in the next two to six months so that it can be used as the root for your artificial tooth. In the meantime a temporary tooth is worn over the site of implant to cover the missing tooth.

· In some cases a temporary cap is attached to the implant after uncovering it to complete the foundation for your new tooth. This step will allow your gums to heal up within few weeks. In some cases this step is not used as an extension is already attached to the implant.

· In the final stage a crown is created by your dentist to attach to the post created at the spot of missing single tooth. After sometime it will allow you to forget the missing tooth and enjoy the smile with the new one.

Your dentist can guide you about the suitable method of single tooth dental implant for you as every case can be dealt in different manner.

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